We are a CPA firm that specializes in nonprofits and can prepare your organization's Form 990 regardless of where your organization is located. Have your Form 990 prepared by a CPA that is an expert in the complex issues facing Not-for-Profit organizations.

We can work with the information you provide in a variety of forms. For example, the organization may provide:
financial statements

  • a QuickBooks file reconciled and completely adjusted

  • a QuickBooks file with income and expenses input only

  • electronic data on excel

  • original bank statements and check stubs

  • Information from another software program such as AccountEdge

The complexities of preparing Form 990 have made it difficult for many small and mid-sized organizations to handle in house preparation.  Another obstacle is that local accountants do not specialize in Tax Exempt organizations and larger firms’ costs are prohibitive. 
Our Form 990 preparation services are optimal for organizations that want expert preparation service in an efficient, cost effective way.  We can offer an expert Form 990 preparation service at a fee that can fit most organization budgets.  Flat fee quotes are determined on a case by case basis but are always stated upfront, before we be service.  Please note the minimum charge is $1,500.

The process will mainly entail these easy steps:

  • Acceptance and fee determination:  We ask questions and may request to see some information in order to provide a flat-fee up-front quote

  • Pre-Engagement Process: We email you a standard tax engagement letter and deposit invoice. Before we begin major involvement on the work we need the signed engagement letter (electronically or through the mail) and deposit check. Our usual terms are 50% to begin and 50% after your receipt of the final documents.  

  • Information Gathering:  We will determine what initial info will be needed.   We prefer a paperless process and request that information be sent via email, fax or uploaded to our secure server. Of course, data can be mailed or delivered to our office as well. 

  • Work in Progress: As we work we will have questions and may request additional info.

  • Draft Approval:  An initial draft is prepared and emailed in PDF format for approval.

  • Final Documents: Upon approval we email a final PDF copy.  We can file the Form 990 electronically or send you instructions on how to print and file the form by mail. In order to file your return electronically we need you to sign and return the Efile authorization form.

Other Information:

State filing requirements:  Any services involving state filings will be discussed separately and determined on a state by state basis. In general, the state filings only involve a short form and the attachment of the Form 990. Some organizations choose to process this form in-house to save costs. 
Audit and Reviews: Some organizations, in some states, will have to attach audited or reviewed financial statements to their state filings.   We do provide these audit and review services as well. Please see our website for more info. Our availability for these services is more limited. 
Rush Jobs: If your organization has an emergency and needs an extremely fast turnaround, we may be able to accommodate for an additional fee. 
Fee Determination: The annual flat-fee is based on a variety of factors. The main factors for smaller organizations will be (a) activity or number of individual income and expense transactions (b) gross revenues and expenses and (c) form of the information and how it is presented. We appreciate the need for organizations to budget for the cost of their year-end accounting work. This fee chart is meant as a guide only and is based on our prior client experience. Fees are determined on a case-by-case, year-to-year basis. See more about fees and list of factors used to determine scope on our website here

Bookkeeping: Although we will do bookkeeping and accounting input in relation to your year-end Form 990 preparation, we do not perform bookkeeping on a concurrent, year-round, basis. What we can do is work with your data and provide you with a quickbooks file to go forward with internally or with a local bookkeeper.